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Enter to win a package from Foam & Sanuz

WIN IT // FOAM MAGAZINE // 02/10/14
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Nowaways, there are about a million reasons to smile. Grin-spiration takes many forms. Have you stumbled across something that's got you more stoked than usual? Did you find something that put a grin on your chin a mile wide? Good! Because Sanuk and Foam magazine want to hook you up. To enter, post a photo to Instagram of anything that made your day especially smile-worthy and tag #funkinawesome @sanukfootwear @foammag.

Tag all three for a chance to win...

1-year subscription to Foam 
Raen sunglasses 
Incipio Foam iPhone 5 case 
Jansport iPad cover 
Hangout music festival hat 
Hex watchband 
Laduree Paris candle 
Sephora make-up bag 
10x Pairs of Sanuk Shoes!


Contest ends April 11th.

Contest Rules

Je dois etre une des rares personnes en cette annee 2014 a ne pas avoir d'instagram et pour cause je ne suis pas si fan...anyway si toi par contre tu as un compte et que tu as grave l'inspi-alors vite participe au contest!! jusqu'au 11 avril
Pour jouer c'est ici:
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